Story Behind Dalton Arts

The name Dalton Arts originated from the inspiration of my father, who was nicknamed 'Little Dalton' because of his stature. A reference to the famous Daltons from Lucky Luke. His artistic journey began at the art academy in Ghent, where he refined his skills as an artist. Driven by a shared love for creativity and art, this led us to establish Dalton Arts in 2018. A father-son collaboration, who focus on creating fascinating pop art wall decoration with quality materials.

Our First Sale

Dalton Arts started because my father wanted art for himself, but not the typical pieces found in stores. He was looking for art inspired by music and film, so he created a piece for our home.
A few days later, friends who owned a music café came over and immediately fell in love with his work. They wanted this work of art with some other personalized works to transform their café into a real Rock café. That's how we got our first sale within the wall decoration sector, and from there we continued to expand designs and collaborations.

We are specialized in transforming public spaces into vibrant
and inspiring places. These works are designed to appeal to recognize and inspire people. We work closely with customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Custom assignments or photos are welcome and we are open to unique requests and ideas. Contact us at to discuss personalized creations.

Additionally at Dalton Arts we want to offer our platform to
other artists, photographers and painters. We offer an ideal solution for painters by scanning and reproducing  their artworks on a larger scale, allowing wider distribution and reaching a wider audience. Our goal is to promote diverse artistic talents and create a space.