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John Mettepenningen

Ascending Symmetry

Ascending Symmetry

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"Ascending Symmetry," a creation by the visionary John Mettepenningen, embodies the essence of balanced precision and geometric harmony. This piece encapsulates the Bauhaus ideology, showcasing a meticulously designed structure where symmetry meets ascension in a captivating union.

In this high-quality poster, Mettepenningen's masterpiece "Ascending Symmetry" takes center stage against a backdrop that emphasizes its balanced elegance. Encased within a sleek black wooden frame, this artwork radiates modernity and sophistication, ready to grace your space with its mesmerizing aesthetic.

With a fusion of modern style and subtle Art Deco influences, "Ascending Symmetry" stands as a testament to Mettepenningen's artistic prowess. As a ready-to-hang piece, it effortlessly becomes a focal point, inviting viewers into a world where precision and beauty converge in perfect harmony.

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