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Pop Art Salvador Dali 
This  artwork of Salvador Dali has been created by Belgian artist John Mettepenningen.
Among the many great surrealist artists of the twentieth century, one that defined the movement so powerfully in both their persona as well as in their work, was Salvador Dali. Surrealism is based on the exchange and juxtaposition between images grounded in reality, versus the unconscious and/or irrational. Dali is famously quoted as stating: “The only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad!”—a phrase that perhaps touches most deeply on the fine balance between reality and surreality. Salvador Dali was more than an artist—he was an icon and inspiration for other creative minds in art, film and music.





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Artworks are typically shipped within five and fourteen days. Please contact with any questions that you might have, or to commission special Pop-Art projects for your home, gallery or business.  



About Us

Dalton Arts is a distributor of gallery quality Pop-Art in partnership with Belgian and international artists. We collaborate with renowned artists on special limited-edition series, as well as signed artworks and special commissions. Our unique artworks can be printed on canvas, photopaper or gallery quality German plexiglass. We can send worldwide and provide authenticity and quality guarantees on all artworks.

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